EQ for Youth Athletes – mobile


The Right Skills
at the Right Time

1 Hero co-founder Bob Anderson on E.I. for YOuth atheletes:

Who is a high school athlete (really)? They are boys and girls who have sets of unique athletic abilities and who are under an even more unique set of social, emotional, biological and intellectual pressures and demands.

1Hero Sports (1HS) prevents and solves the problems of these pressures and demands by assessing and developing social and emotional skills:

*Emotional Self-Expression
*Interpersonal Relationships
*Problem Solving
*Stress Management

Via team/group facilitated instruction on campus and via 1:1 coaching 1HS offers high school athletes the opportunity to learn skills not taught in the classroom, but yet critical to their success whether or not a collegiate athletic career awaits them.

1HS works with high school athletes throughout their 4 years of high school to enable them to maximize their potential. By reducing interference in areas where assertiveness, empathy, problem solving, reality testing, optimism and more may be lacking or inflated 1HS builds college athletes who thrive in all of the environments of a high school experience.