Current Emotional Intelligence Problems in the News

iStock_000002528757MediumProfessional Athletes and Coaches, College Athletes and Coaches along with politicians, business leaders, military leaders and educational leaders whose low reality testing, over inflated self-regard, low social responsibility coupled with the inability to express themselves appropriately and the inability to recognize the negative effect of their emotions on others has lead to suicides, murders, domestic violence, cheating in the classroom and boardroom, child abuse, rape, illegal drug use, financial scams and other public and private outbursts leading to deaths, broken families, public ridicule, unemployment, league and company suspension, high level firings and federal offenses.

ESPN and other cable sports programs along with major news networks around the world daily depict the misbehavior of politicians, business leaders, coaches, military leaders, high profile coaches and athletes from around the world. International periodicals and syndicated publications too describe and critique the ill-behaved describing the fall from grace and the sad and desperate trail their individual and collective poor behavior has wrought.

1Hero Sports has had enough! The costs of our nation’s and other nations’ athletes and coaches, politicians, military leaders, educational leaders and business leaders misbehaving has had and will continue to have a negative social, emotional, physical and fiscal effect on tens of millions of children if not hundreds of them.

It’s time to develop and highlight more real heroes!

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